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Do you hear that?


Sometimes the only thing you need in life is getting some relax and feeling the beats of your favorite music in your ears. The key to a life with big experiences is music (at least for me). Music is useful in many different and fun ways from expressing oneself to make our lives less boring. There’s a lot to say about a song in concrete, its beat and genre, its lyrics in it… but everyone has its on way to see the meaning of a song.

A song might have few words but the meaning and the feeling of what it says might be big. I chose this song, which I personally like and hope you will see some meaning behind its lyrics when you will read them. The song I chose is Rolling in the Deep by Adele. It’s already known worldwide but its still a great song with beautiful lyrics written by Adele.

Music will always be there for you, with no doubt. There are thousands of ways music can accompany you. If you’re in a bad mood you will likely listen to rock. Whenever I am in rage I listen to rock because it helps me express my mood and how I feel in that certain situation. But if I’m going to go to a crazy party or be happy I’d pick a song that will make me feel like celebrating and go crazy. David Guetta is my top pick for partying (either way, any remixes would be enough too). Any song can express your mood and how you feel.

I always wonder, do people like music from different country or prefer from theirs? Some prefer the music from their country and others just prefer international (mostly from the U.S. or the U.K.). While going deep to the matter, I’d like to share with you another song I like. Country: The U.S.A. The song is Part of Me by Katy Perry. It is good for the mood after breaking up. Besides that its lyrics are powerful and if you watch the music video you will notice something surprising! So check out both songs and you will get the meaning about them.

In the end, if you ever feel like your life is missing something just plug in your headphones and play your music that makes you feel better or go crazy, it helps!


Author: samantha.zinn.saenz

Name's Samantha, seventeen. What I love? Technology, music, graphic design, photography.

7 thoughts on “Do you hear that?

  1. I am with you, I love music and how different types can accompany any different mood. There’s something for every feeling, every event, and always new stuff coming out every day! I don’t think I go a single day without some sort of music! : )

  2. I love music..prefer world music thought…

  3. Please change ‘concrete’ to ‘general’ in this post. Concrete is something you walk on. Other than that, I am with you! 😉

    • I meant something ‘specific’ than something on what we walk. I’m sorry if my writing was confusing to you, I am really trying to improve my writing skills and grammar through here. Anyways thank you!:)

  4. Music to me is kind of diary of your life. You are a child and there are songs you rember, the first love first kiss, there is a song around that time as well that you remember. And so it goes on, you break up with someone, there are thousands of songs that mirror your feelings. You loose someone and sure enough there is a song out there that feels your pain.

    It doesn’t matter what the genre is, its what is pleasing to your ears that matter, I have tried various stuff the ventures away from my varous tastes in music and I have to say, although I am greatful for the recomendations I usually go back to music I know and love.

    Sometimes I seek out the lyrics to a song online and whilst I play that song I singalong to it. I have written in my blog that I’m mystified by people who don’t have a love of music, so what do they like instead. Which brings me on to a thank you for deciding to follow my blog, I hope, as it says, my musing can amuse you.

    • Yeah i question that too. Music has a great impact on my life. Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy my posts!

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