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Dear readers,

I have recently started a new blog for a fresh new start. I am 100% keeping up with my new blog so you can check out what’s going on at any time and see my latest posts. I decided to takve over my new blog for a fresh starts as I saw I had no more ideas and reasons to write on this one. Although it was a good start to improve my writing skills on the way (and still is!). I feel like starting a new blog from a different blogging service (blogspot) will give me all the freedom to customize without having to pay at all. I can cuustomize my HTML code which is a bonus! I have also seen many bloggers use Blogspot rather than WordPress.

Unfortunately I didn’t get readers to my new blog, which in this one I did get a lot. But that’s no big deal because I’m still trying hard to take some big spot on another blog’s post or featured somewhere else some day.

So check out my new blog here. And tell me what do you think about it. As always, I am happy to read your comments and makes me improve my blog as well.



Author: samantha.zinn.saenz

Name's Samantha, seventeen. What I love? Technology, music, graphic design, photography.

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