Road of Hidden Words.

It's all about it.


Welcome to my blog!. If you’re a stranger, let me introduce myself. My name is Samantha and I’m 16. I was born in China, but raised and lived in Barcelona, Spain. In 2008 I moved to another country and began studying at an American based school. What I’m putting all my effort on are on thinking and writing. You’ll get to know who I am through my posts. If you’re one of my friends then you should know that. So you’re welcomed to my world. The most crazy and big adventure of my life which you will get to know through my posts.

I will be putting up a lot of different stuff including experiences, reviews, what I like, and other writings etc. I’m not focusing on anything specific just about life, so check out what I write about (categories).

Road of Hidden Words is all written by Samantha.

Be ready for the most explosive and fun-crazy life of mine, ENJOY.


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