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A Little Story

So this is a brief story about me and the reason why I blog…

Since I was a kid, I always had some passion about writing. It didn’t matter weather it was short stories or blog posts, I had the need to write. My first ‘work’ was at a young age. I began writing a short book, it was about a princess and a prince (simple and childish I know). I once found it in my unorganized room back in Spain and I thoughtI could some day become a writer or something alike. As I grew up, I become more interested in writing so I began writing blog posts in my old blogs.

Writing didn’t become a part of me until I got into my new school when I was in 7th Grade back then. One of my subjects at school were creative writing. I knew I wasn’t good at it but I give myself a shot. Since we got a lot of essays to write I finally got engaged with writing. Writing for me become one of the ways I could learn to understand what’s actually going on around me. I thought if I would write anything it comes to my mind I’d be more understanding with myself too.

One of my biggest essays I wrote that got a good mark was “Blood bonds is not always what makes a family”. I wrote it the late of 2011 for my creative writing lesson, of course. I started to feel I could do it, I could become a writer afterall. My English vocabulary and writing style should improve, but I really think I could give it a shot, why not?

And here I am, writing for my blog!


9 thoughts on “A Little Story

  1. I love Barcelona, it’s one of my very favorite cities. How lucky you are to have grown up in a place full of so much art and beautiful architecture! Our stories are quite parallel: I also wrote my first story at a very young age (but it was about an old witch and a magical house), I also became very interested in writing while in school, honing my skills through creative writing classes, essays, and journals. But I’m twice as old as you are (sigh), so my story continues onto University, where I majored in Creative Writing. Keep it up! Work hard, read a lot, write often. Thanks for stopping by to say hello 🙂 I think it’s fantastic that you’ve started a blog at such a young age–it’s inspiring.

  2. Thanks!:) ethically I’m Chinese (yea, adopted:))but it’s nice have grown up in Barcelona, I love it too! I will include creative writing in my studies too. I’m gonna have IB next year so I hope my English skills will improve a lot for my writing. I think you’re a great writer and I hope I someday get to write as good as you!

  3. Thank you for the following and I think writing is one of the best form of expression. I am not a writer but blogging helps me express my feelings and thoughts………

    Will follow 😉

  4. As alwasy seems to be the case the ease in which you write English, and being brought up in Spain from Chinese decendants put us natural English to shame. It is my everlasting shame and frustration I may add, that I haven’t learned a second or third language. When I was at school we didn’t learn languages, this was many years ago LOL, but I could have tried, but didn’t.

    And now I impress upon my grandchildren to learn another tongue, more than one if possible. As for your English, its fine, in fact its more than fine, the only thing I can say is your use of ‘gonna’ it is used a lot by the English but its like this explosion of texting English they use on mobile phones, I hate it.

    I see people writing things like cu l8er, wazup, ru ok, and this is now transfering itself into everyday use, not something I take too I’m afraid but the young love it, but there I’m not young LOL.

  5. Thank you that you noticed. I do use a lot of ‘gonna’ in my English. Therefore I am trying to improve my English writing skills through blogging, hoping I will become a good writer. I have read your blog and your English compared to mine is harder for me. I’m trying to expand my vocabulary too.

    • If I can be of any help then just write, but as far as I can see there isn’t much you need to correct and as I have said ‘gonna’ is used by many English people themselves, it just means ‘going to’.

      If I say I’m ‘gonna’ go to my friends house, then its short for ‘I’m going to go to my friends house’ and there are many words that are used in the same manner.

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