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Unique style

My dear readers, how many of you wake up, have breakfast, take a shower and then go crazy when choosing clothes? Yeah, unfortunately I’m one of them. I spend most of the time in the morning trying to decide what to wear either for school or not. That’s one of the small issues when I wake up in my daily routine. Running out of time, I grab whatever I feel or look comfortable with and put it on. My closet is not full of brand bags and purses nor elegant dressing style clothing (which it would actually be nice to), my closet is has a mixture of so called Samantha’s style (made it up, my style). I honestly wear a bit of everything, no matter where I go. I some days wear a pair of Converse electro shoes with bluish pants and a matching top under my bf’s sweater or my sweatshirt. It actually all depends on my mood and the weather, but I usually dress comfy and retro-style.

Everyone has their own and unique style, what’s yours?


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