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Cooking is something we will have to do for living (to eat, obviously). However, we can cook what we want to eat in a fun way. In fact, the last day I cooked it was pretty fun. After I came home from school, around 16, I went to my room to leave my coat and my bag and ran straight to the kitchen (which is located next to me). I usually eat after I come back from school, so I started to think what to eat that day. It came to my mind the idea of doing my own cooking recipe (starting with something simple and easy). I had decided to do a pasta salad by myself, of course, and adding my own ingredients. I know this is a simple recipe but I hoped to start doing my own cooking recipes by starting with of this one. So for my traditional simple pasta salad I needed these ingredients:

-Tricolor pasta

The steps for my salad recipe are the following:
To make the main part of the recipe, boil water and add the wanting quantity of pasta that you’re going to eat. Add some salt too. At the end put the pasta in a bowl and place it in the fridge to stay cold. (You don’t have to, but cold tastes much better for me.)
Take some tomatoes (doesn’t matter size) and cute them in half. Make sure the pieces won’t be too big to mix it with the pasta in the end.
I added sausages to my salad because I love them and that’s my taste! You can add something else; it doesn’t really have to be sausages if you don’t like them. So cut them into small pieces too so you will be able to eat a mix of everything.
Once you’ve got everything ready (cold pasta, small tomato pieces and the sausages), its time to put everything into a big bowl and start mixing it. Add oil/ vinegar and salt for better taste and voila!

These are the ingredients I used for my own recipe but you can use the kind of pasta and different veggies you like. I wanted my first cooking recipe and as this one is way too simple and easy to do, so I added this plate to a menu including orange juice.

I keep on thinking this recipe is so simply my mind says do not post it up and for sure no one will read these horrible recipe of mine. Well I’m just trying out new stuff and I’m doing great so far! My recipes need more professionalism and better usage of my ingredients so I will try out something new next time. What recipe do you suggest? I’m looking forward to make something different and interesting, some good and fun recipe to make.