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What I live for

Till yesterday, I haven’t written for a long time but I can’t help it (although my passion is writing). I realized I had to put a little bit of more effort on my writing as it’s what I am going to live for in the future (besides other hobbies that interest me). And I hope I will become a great writer, writing articles, books, reviews etc.

For the past month I left my sacred place with all my deep thoughts and emotions in this blog. I have not returned since yesterday and today I decided to add something more in this blog of mine: poems. I do not aknowledge professional poetry but I know I can write a poem. My English lessons are not just about grammar and vocabulary, but something more. Literature and creative writing is what I’m talking about. I am trying really hard to find my path that leads me to professional writing. Therefore writing is what I have left now. I might not be a pro but my mind terribly demands me to go for it.

I believe poetry will help me in some way to develop my creativity and my writing skills to better. The poem “The Pond Within Me” is one of my best poems I wrote. My creative writing professor gave a positive reply to the poem and I am glad I was able to write the poem without a hitch. I do admit I wrote it just for my creative writing assignment, but I can assure you I can do better than that. I believe poetry will guide me to complete my way to my passion: writing.

I write to open people’s minds and because that’s what I want to do for a living. I enjoy it.


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The Pond Within Me

You see me right in the middle of the pavement,
Wondering what am I doing, I am crazy.
But here I am, peacefully leaving my statement.
Don’t take me like others, lazy.

Next to me is what you can’t see, my pond
Where all my secrets he knows and I leave to,
And my last words I speak he shall keep fond,
May the pond always remain brightly blue.

You shall not change my complete self,
Nor twist my uttered words I demand
Keep clean your embrace on a shelf
Therefore no request is made to my land.

I, leave you with what is left of me,
Take it calmly you may not name me she.*


* favorite line. I preferably do not like to be named many times. When I die I don’t want just my name to remain in the grave but my fully me walking around.

After some creative writing lessons (as part of my English course) I have come up with some of my original and personal poems. I do not expect you to understand the meaning out of it but I hope, my readers, you will be able to understand what kind of person I am through this poem.

My poem will also be featuring on my next school’s newspaper!


Do you hear that?

Sometimes the only thing you need in life is getting some relax and feeling the beats of your favorite music in your ears. The key to a life with big experiences is music (at least for me). Music is useful in many different and fun ways from expressing oneself to make our lives less boring. There’s a lot to say about a song in concrete, its beat and genre, its lyrics in it… but everyone has its on way to see the meaning of a song.

A song might have few words but the meaning and the feeling of what it says might be big. I chose this song, which I personally like and hope you will see some meaning behind its lyrics when you will read them. The song I chose is Rolling in the Deep by Adele. It’s already known worldwide but its still a great song with beautiful lyrics written by Adele.

Music will always be there for you, with no doubt. There are thousands of ways music can accompany you. If you’re in a bad mood you will likely listen to rock. Whenever I am in rage I listen to rock because it helps me express my mood and how I feel in that certain situation. But if I’m going to go to a crazy party or be happy I’d pick a song that will make me feel like celebrating and go crazy. David Guetta is my top pick for partying (either way, any remixes would be enough too). Any song can express your mood and how you feel.

I always wonder, do people like music from different country or prefer from theirs? Some prefer the music from their country and others just prefer international (mostly from the U.S. or the U.K.). While going deep to the matter, I’d like to share with you another song I like. Country: The U.S.A. The song is Part of Me by Katy Perry. It is good for the mood after breaking up. Besides that its lyrics are powerful and if you watch the music video you will notice something surprising! So check out both songs and you will get the meaning about them.

In the end, if you ever feel like your life is missing something just plug in your headphones and play your music that makes you feel better or go crazy, it helps!

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