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The Pond Within Me

You see me right in the middle of the pavement,
Wondering what am I doing, I am crazy.
But here I am, peacefully leaving my statement.
Don’t take me like others, lazy.

Next to me is what you can’t see, my pond
Where all my secrets he knows and I leave to,
And my last words I speak he shall keep fond,
May the pond always remain brightly blue.

You shall not change my complete self,
Nor twist my uttered words I demand
Keep clean your embrace on a shelf
Therefore no request is made to my land.

I, leave you with what is left of me,
Take it calmly you may not name me she.*


* favorite line. I preferably do not like to be named many times. When I die I don’t want just my name to remain in the grave but my fully me walking around.

After some creative writing lessons (as part of my English course) I have come up with some of my original and personal poems. I do not expect you to understand the meaning out of it but I hope, my readers, you will be able to understand what kind of person I am through this poem.

My poem will also be featuring on my next school’s newspaper!