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Eating: Taste & Place.

If you were eating now (or you’re actually eating) at your home or at a restaurant, what kind of taste do you go for the most? For some people might be hard to decide… or maybe not. You would probably go for anything you just feel like eating at that moment (I can honestly tell you I’d be lying if I denied it). Sometimes you just gotta eating anything to fill up your stomach (like I do) or you can take your time to decided what you feel like eating (good reason: to eat healthy).

If I’m at home for lunch or dinner time I grab whatever I have in the fridge hoping it will fill me up. Some days for healthy reasons I usually eat a plate with beef (or other kind of meat) and accompany it with some vegetables (I mostly take tomatoes). It is also quite comfortable eating home. There’s no people talking at once besides you can watch TV or sit down on the couch. In the other hand, when I go out to eat to a restaurant there is a wide range of food to choose. Well for me I mostly take the same food just to fill up so I go to restaurants such as McDonalds, KFC… Eating at restaurants than at home has its good parts too. First of all is that you don’t have to make your own food (if you’re lazy like I am sometimes), but unfortunately that laziness has a price eating out!

When it’s time to eat we also have to consider weather we want something sweet or salty. I mostly go for salty food because it fills me up and I don’t have to drink so much unlike when I eat sweet food. Eating either too much sweet or salty food can cause bad stomach aches and healthy problems so try to balance the quantity and above all drink the rational quantity of water you need no matter what you eat! As I mostly eat salty food such as meat, frites, vegetables and pasta I drink a lot. In the other hand, sweet food such as cupcakes, croissants and chocolate haven’t been on my daily eating routine but I take some often.

Food is what will you give you the most energy every day, so eat what you like but healthy if you can!

What about you? What do you like to eat? Are you in the sweeter or salty side of the food? (Thumbs up for the salty food!)