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New born talent & doing what you love

So many people on Earth… Musicians, tall, skinny, actors, pretty, and mostly talented. Most people don’t share same traits or hobbies, but the thing we mostly share is that we have a talent. I believe we don’t look out what’s our talent but we have it when we are born and apply it all the way since. Therefore I believe everyone can become a star or something big. It doesn’t really matter what you’re good at (drawing, writing, singing, dancing, blogging etc.) but what counts the most is that you will someday do something that really matters for you because you love doing it. I believe people will find it otherwise for sure what they love doing and understand the value of it.

I never noticed what I was good at. I thought I would find it someday by myself and use it in my way. But now I know, writing. My story is something I hoped to be original but I guess some people went through the same situation too. When I was a kid I used to dedicate my life on doing many things I liked (those things included singing, dancing, hanging out, going out for walks…). Who knew life would ever drag me to write? Yeah, writing was something I really loved to do, and still I do. In my early age I once wrote a small book about a prince and a princess but after everything life has dragged me to, I think its simply gone. Despite of it, I kept most of the time writing in middle school. So afterall, I wouldn’t call writing nothing but something I love. I guess I gotta try to digg deeper to get to know my talent, someday.

Everyone are born with a talent, we just gotta keep digging and try new stuff. And if you truely believe you don’t have one then just do whatever you love the most! Who knows, maybe you’re using your talent but you don’t notice it.

What’s your talent or what do you love to do the most? I’m sure what you love doing is great!